FITGRIP™ Ultrasonic Inserts

For dental professionals seeking improved comfort and performance, Cavitron® inserts give you the confidence of an ergonomically designed grip.

Cavitron® FITGRIP™ Ultrasonic Inserts — Designed for optimum hygienist comfort

FITGRIP Group FannedFITGRIP™ inserts elevate the level of performance
 •  Unique one-piece design allows the hygienist’s fingers to naturally conform to the grip

 •  Larger grip diameter lessens muscle load and pinch force

 •  Rippled grip texture is designed to lessen the chance of slipping



Slimline Fitgrip Fitgrip Slimline 10S HI RES B

The thinner design of the Focused Spray® slimLINE® inserts allows for improved access and adaptability in the removal of light to moderate deposits.  

slimLINE® - 10 30K FITGRIP™ 82005
slimLINE® - 1000 30K FITGRIP™ 82008
slimLINE® L-Curve 30K FITGRIP™ 82006
slimLINE® R-Curve 30K FITGRIP™ 82007

Powerline Fitgrip

Fitgrip Powerline 1000 HI RES B

The Focused Spray® PowerLINE™ series of inserts have a standard-sized tip that is specifically designed for efficiency and the removal of heavier deposits.

PowerLINE™ - 10 30K FITGRIP™ 82002
PowerLINE™ - 100 30K FITGRIP™ 82003
PowerLINE™ - 1000 30K FITGRIP™ 82004
PowerLINE™ - 3 30K FITGRIP™ 82001

Thnsert Fitgrip

Fitgrip Thinsert HI RES B

The THINsert® ultrasonic insert is our thinnest tip and is designed to allow access in difficult areas, without the loss of tactile sensation.

THINsert® 30K FITGRIP™ 82009

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